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release: 18 oktober 2017
genre: racing
dev: Polyphony Digital (JP)

Gran Turismo Sport.

The "Campaign Mode" of Gran Turismo Sport is a large scale offline content that provides a hands-on experience to allow even beginners to learn driving skills from scratch. They will eventually improve to a level where they can participate in major race events.

In "Sport Mode,” the online feature of Gran Turismo Sport, there will be two FIA-certified online championship series running at the same time.
The first is the “Nations Cup,” where players around the world represent their home country in the series. The other is the “Manufacturer Fan Cup,” in which players select their favorite auto maker and represent them in the series. And the fun isn’t restricted only to the one doing the driving, you can root for your favorite driver, country or manufacturer through live race broadcasts. You can watch live broadcasts of these races in real TV-like format, with spot-on course cameras and even live commentary!

“Scapes” is a new generation Photo Mode for Gran Turismo that highlights travel. This amazing technology may change the world of car photography as we know it. There are more than 1000 locations in Scapes that allows you to place the cars of your choice into the stage and photograph them.



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Ik dacht van deze namiddag nog eens een paar racekes te doen (na maanden niet te hebben gespeeld), ja amai.. In het begin zat ik 2s op de laatste met mijn Q tijd, en nu op het einde nog 1s. Tijdens de races kon in ook gewoon totaal niet mee.

Ze zouden een ‘I have been away for some time’ mode moeten hebben, zodat je op een lager niveau met anderen kan racen.